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This mod adds a bunch of new Voidcritter comic and booster card packs to the game. It also comes with some deco that can be used for any shops you'd like to build that specialize in Voidcritter cards or comics.

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Gameplay & Object

Voidcritter Card & Comic Set






Can be found in Retail & Kids. 

I made this so you can create a cute little comic shop. I created some new booster packs that will give you a specific element  instead of a random chance at any. These packs also have a higher chance of giving you a rare foil. Because of this they’re a little more expensive.

The comic books are functional. You can read them all the way through to get a buff and re-read them at any time. I made it so that while your sim is reading them they will have thought balloons that match to the Voidcritters that are in the comic they’re reading. They will also add a playful buff to your sim when they’re finished reading them.

I threw in some deco books that act like displays so if you stack a comic on them they’ll reverrt to their display position.

Lastly, I added a new file that allows you to purchase them from your computer.