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Updates & Announcements

Changelog 3.16

Mar 16, 2023

Core Food & Drink

  • Added ↪ support for new content; fixed issue where sims couldn't eat new food recipes

Olive Oil

  • Fixed ↪ Olive Oil now works as Any Oil ingredient

Changelog 3.15

Mar 15, 2023

Core Mod v1.0.5

  • Added ↪ support for new content

Core Food & Drink  v1.0.2

  • Added ↪ support for upcoming content

  • Added ↪ High School recipes to the Brazen Homestead Cookbook

  • Added ↪ Werewolf recipes to the Brazen Homestead Cookbook

  • Added ↪ werewolf recipes, cottage living animal treat recipes, and Batuu recipes to the cheat 'Unlock Recipes' on the Brazen Homestead Cookbook

  • Fixed ↪ Italian Caffe coffees now work with the Coffee Fanatic trait

  • Fixed ↪ LE that was being triggered for with the Cream ingredient for people who don't own Cottage Living

Core Harvestables v.1.0.3

  • Fixed ↪ updated harvestable compatibility for infants

Changelog 3.7

Mar 7, 2023

There were some issues with the last updates release so I needed to adjust a couple of things and re-merge these. I won't be updating the version numbers because nothing structural has changed, this was mainly due to a technical/clerical issue on my end. 

Core Mod v1.0.4

  • Fixed ↪ some minor issues effecting new content

Core Crafting Mod v1.0.2

  • Fixed ↪ some minor issues effecting new content

Changelog 3.5

Mar 5, 2023

Core Mod v1.0.4

  • Added ↪ support for new content

  • Added ↪ new 'Cherry Wood Log' ingredient

Core Crafting Mod v1.0.2

  • Fixed ↪ discounts in all shops are now consistent

  • Added ↪ sims now have a chance to collect upcoming custom crystals and other gatherable ingredients (if installed) when digging or beachcombing; chance rates may be adjusted in the future

  • Changed ↪ sims will get more ingredients after crafting some Constructions recipes; nails, fasteners, & nuts will give 8 instead 5, logs will give 5 instead of 3

  • Fixed ↪ crafting Construction Ingredients no longer takes half the day to finish

  • Added ↪ if you have any livestock animals from Kalino ( they will now show up as purchasable options from the Livestock Pen and Coop; you do not need her 'TheKalino_FarmAnimals' file if you are using this mod

Core Harvestables v1.0.2

  • Added ↪ my custom harvestable trees can now be harvested for wood

Liquid Press (formerly Juice & Oil Press)

  • Changed ↪ Juice and Oil Press has been renamed to 'Liquids Press'; please delete the old file (brazenlotus_MOD_appliance_BG_OilJuicePress) and install the new one

Crafting - Coffee Drying & Tea Curing

  • Changed ↪ Coffee and tea preserving have had various updates and improvements so please re-download. Any racks in your game may not function as intended so you may want to let them finish curing before installing this update, otherwise you may need to move them all to the trash.

  • Changed ↪ Tea curing works slightly differently now and will cure underground in a cellar instead of outside in the sun

  • Changed ↪ Prepared preserving racks can no longer be deleted and require a slot to set them down when not in your sims inventory.

  • Fixed ↪ Racks can now be put into your sim's inventory

Crafting - Olive Oil

  • Changed ↪ olive oil has been updated to work press updates

Crafting - Preserving Rack (formerly Curing and Drying Rack)

  • Changed ↪ name of Curing Drying Rack file from 'crafted' to 'crafting' so it matches the woodworking menu you'll find it in. Delete the old file (BrazenLotus_BG_recipe_Woodworking_Crafted_CuringDryingRack) and download the new one.

  • Changed ↪ mesh and texture updates

Crafting - Construction Supplies

  • Added ↪ new recipe for making 'Cherry Wood Planks'

Harvestable - Amanita Mushroom

  • Fixed ↪ file should no longer show up as a duplicate of the Chanterelle mushrooms

Changelog 2.18

Feb 18, 2023

Core Mod v.1.0.3

  • Added ↪ support for new content

Core Harvestables v.1.0.1

  • Added ↪ support for new content

  • Fixed ↪ almond seasonality is now correct

  • Fixed ↪ plants that remove bugs should now remove mites from beeboxes correctly and consistently

  • Fixed ↪ blueberry should no longer be dead after growing

  • Fixed ↪ lettuce should not die as quickly

  • Fixed ↪ adzuki bean should no longer throw a 'get_model' LE

  • Changed ↪ plants have generic harvest animations instead of non-matching animations

Oil & Juice Press

  • Changed ↪ file name and fixed object name; delete old file (brazenlotus_MOD_appliance_BG_JuiceOilPress) and install the new version

Changelog 2.10

Feb 10, 2023

Object: Rock Add-Ons

  • Changed ↪ the non-override rocks have been replaced by new versions so please delete the old versions and re-install

  • Added ↪ new textures added so you can match these rocks to most worlds

Changelog 2.1

Feb 1, 2023

Core Mod

  • Fixed ↪ beetles will now function properly with 'Roast Beetle' interaction on the campfire for those who have GP01 installed

Changelog 1.18

Jan 18, 2023


  • Fixed ↪ Whipped Cream & Red Bean Paste will no longer show up empty after crafting or purchasing

Changelog 1.4

Jan 4, 2023

Core Mod v1.0.1

  • Added ↪ support for new content

Core Module - EP11 - Tags v1.0.1

  • Added ↪ Mighty Plant milk so it shows up in Brazen Delivery shops and is tagged as 'Any Lactose-Free Milk'

Core Crafting v1.0.1

  • Fixed ↪ an issue where ingredients weren't being removed from a sim's inventory after crafting on the woodworking bench

  • Fixed ↪ added Red Bean Paste and Whipped Cream back to Canning menu of the Craftbooks

  • Fixed ↪ an issue where purchased custom canning ingredients wouldn't show up in an inventory

  • Fixed ↪ menus not functioning properly off-the-grid with power generators/solar

  • Changed ↪ removed custom teamaker and coffeemaker menus

  • Added ↪ support for new content

Core Crafting Module - BG - Fishing v1.0.1

  • Changed ↪ updated fishing chances for custom fish to be more evenly distributed among fishing spots

  • Added ↪ support for new content

Core Food & Drink v1.0.1

  • Added ↪ 'Make Ingredients' cooking menu back to the cookbook

  • Fixed ↪ cookbook menus not functioning properly off-the-grid with power generators/solar

  • Added ↪ custom teamaker and coffeemaker menus moved here from Core Crafting mod since drinks already require it

  • Added ↪ support for new content

Food & Drink - Tea Party Recipes v1.0.1

  • Fixed ↪ can use ingredients to make teas from the teamaker; using ingredients reduces cost

  • Fixed ↪ drink cost to craft now lines up better with the cost of ingredients used to make them

  • Changed ↪ Lactose-Free versions will use 'Any Lactose-Free' milk now instead of just Cowplant milk

  • Changed ↪ Tea Party recipe tunings; if it doesn't work after updating delete the teapot and place a newly purchased one.

NOTE: For reference, I've added version numbers after each item above to match any CurseForge file versioning.

Changelog 12.4

Dec 4, 2022

Core Harvestables

Fixed ↪ previous version was uploaded by mistake - newest version is now available

Changelog 12.1

Dec 1, 2022

Core Mod:

  • Fixed ↪ issue where Lotsa Storage! objects wouldn't allow you to drop items inside of them

In-Ground Sprinkler:

  • Added ↪ footprint to better show the watering area of the sprinkler and made it able to intersect planters and dirt squares

Changelog & Notes 11.29

Nov 29, 2022

Quick Overview of Mod Updates:

I'm sure I'll miss some so check out the Changelog for more details.

In general almost all Object & Gameplay mods have gotten updates, improvements, and/or additions. Some mods that included bigger changes:

  • Graveyard Epitaphs - are now all base game compatible

  • Retail Crates & Barrel - now comes in single barrel and crate with optional hay and ice inserts that slot onto them; can stock all items from inside the storage to the surface; can set all items sitting in a slot for sale/not for sale with one action;

  • Retail Flower Displays - updated and working with a new smaller version included; can now set all items sitting in a slot for sale/not for sale with one action; can also grab all items sitting in a slot and put into sims inventory

  • Retail Aquarium - now comes with just a tank and lid that has deco interiors included; tuning overhaul and has new objects to work better with the slotting system

  • Lotsa Storage - simplified tunings and removed portable versions in an attempt avoid any future issues; storages will now have a stinky effect over them if something inside is spoiled; cannot drag and drop spoiled items into inventories; added a few new objects

  • All shared tuning files have been absorbed into other mods and are no longer necessary

  • Voidcritter Store Set; general fixes and updates; remove stacking slots since the game just deletes it on save now; added option to purchase comic books from computer; made normal booster packs able to be sold in retail shops

Wanting to upload to Curseforge kinda forced me to re-organize some files because of how the projects are set up. I merged together a lot of mods that had multiple files into a single file instead, with any pack-specific files having their own separate files. 

Also with regard to Core Modules, moving forward there will only be one download page for each mod category (core crafting modules, core harvestable modules, etc) instead of a page for every module. This is probably how I should have done it originally but you know I always wind up taking the long road to get where I'm going 😅

Required Updates:

You'll need to re-download and update the following for my content to work properly. DO NOT install these until you've removed the files listed in the 'Files that Require Deletion' section below.

  • Mods - All ModCore and ModCore module files

  • Mods - All Object & Gameplay Mods except for the RV tents and Portable Market objects

  • Mods - All Lotsa Storage files - be sure to remove any items stored in these containers and save your game before updating or you may lose them!

  • Mods - Inventory Adjustments (formerly Inventory Not Shared)

  • Mods - Neon Signs on Signs files

  • Mods - Harvestables Fill More Hunger files

  • Crafting - Tea Curing and Coffee Drying recipes

  • Crafting - Cow Milk Ingredient

Optional Updates:

These should be re-downloaded eventually to make sure they work properly with future recipes and mods but you can wait to update these if you like since these changes were made mainly to work better with my Brazen Delivery service.

  • All crafting ingredients - have had their tags updated to better work with by Brazen Delivery service.

  • All harvestables - have had their tags updated to better work with by Brazen Delivery service. All common and uncommon harvestables were also added to grocery stalls.

Patron Downloads Folder:

I updated the core mods folder structure, renamed folders, and renamed a lot of files so it might be best to just re-download the entire folder. Otherwise just make sure you re-install the folders with the files listed in the 'Files that Require Deletion' section below.

Folder names were updated to remove symbols that may cause issues for some people. Also I believe I was able to find and get rid of duplicate object files but if I missed any let me know. Keep in mind some folders have optional files in them so make sure you remove anything you can't/don't want to use before loading your game. Also remember to unzip the Core Mod file.

🛑 Files that Require Deletion 🛑

The files listed below MUST be Deleted before installing any updated files or it will cause problems with your game.

Some notes on finding and deleting files:

  • You can search your mods folder for the file names below to quickly find then delete them

  • (...) indicates that you should delete all files that contain the text before it

  • PATRONS: It is easier to just delete an entire category folder, re-download it from the Downloads Folder, then re-install it in your game. Keep in mind some folders have optional files in them so make sure you remove anything you can't use before loading your game.

ALL Shared files:

  • MOD_brazenlotus_EP01_Shared_RetailObjects

  • MOD_brazenlotus_MULT_Shared_Puddles

  • brazenlotus_MOD_object_GP05_Shared_TableSettings

ALL Core Module Files:

  • brazenlotus_ModCORE_Crafting_(...)

  • brazenlotus_ModCORE_Food&Drink_1 ▸ ObjectOverrides_BG

  • brazenlotus_ModCORE_Harvestables_(...)

ALL Lotsa Storage individual files

  • I won't list them, just delete them all

ALL Neon Signs On Signs:

  • I won't list them, just delete them all

ALL Retail Store Objects:

  • BrazenLotus_GP04_RetailFridge_AquariumInABox_(...)

  • BrazenLotus_EP01_RetailFridge_IcedFishDisplay_(...)

  • BrazenLotus_EP01_RetailFridge_ProduceStand_(...)

  • BrazenLotus_BG_BarrelDisplay_Stockable_(...)

  • BrazenLotus_BG_CrateFloorDisplay_Stockable_(...)

  • BrazenLotus_EP01_BarrelDisplay_Stockable_(...)

  • BrazenLotus_EP01_CrateFloorDisplay_Stockable_(...)

  • BrazenLotus_EP01_RetailDisplay_Stockable_(...)

  • BrazenLotus_EP01_RetailFridgeDisplay_FlowerArrangements

ALL Bog Mud Puddles:

  • BrazenLotus_EP05_BogMudPuddle(...)

ALL Voidcritter Store Set:

  • brazenlotus_SP07_VoidcritterStore_(...)

  • brazenlotus_MOD_object_SP07_VoidcritterStore_AddonEdit.package

  • brazenlotus_MOD_object_SP07_VoidcritterStore_Comics&Boosters

ALL Table Settings:

  • brazenlotus_GP05_TableSetting_(...)

  • brazenlotus_MOD_object_GP05_TableSettingsCustom_Plain

ALL Graveyard Epitaphs:

  • BrazenLotus_BG_WallEpitaph_(...)

  • BrazenLotus_GP04_WallEpitaph_(...)

  • brazenlotus_MOD_object_BG_WallEpitaphs


  • brazenlotus_MOD_object_EP05_SprinklerInGround

  • MOD_brazenlotus_EP05_HolidayTradition_(...)

  • BrazenLotus_BG_GardeningSign_SimlishDecal

  • MOD_brazenlotus_BG_GardeningSign

  • brazenlotus_MOD_object_BG_WoodPileStorage

  • MOD_brazenlotus_BG_CowplantFarming(...)

  • brazenlotus_MOD-EA_improved_BG_InventoryNotShared

⚠️ Known Issues: ⚠️

If you get an error that your save or a lot won't load with my stuff installed follow the instructions for Clearing Your Caches and Updating or Removing Recipes HERE to fix it. 

The foraging mod should still work until I'm done overhauling it but you may find that Better Exceptions shows it as having duplicate files. This won't cause any issues with your game.


✏️ Changelog ✏️

Core Mod:

  • Fixed ↪ Updated 'Lotsa Storage' tunings

  • NOTE: If your save won't load, remove the 'Lotsa Storage' items, load your game and create a new save, then re-install the 'Lotsa Storage' items - your game should open now and you can replace any missing

Core Crafting Mod:

  • Added ↪ Simple Living versions of the Cheese Crafting menus to Crafting Recipe Books

  • Added ↪ New Cowplant Feed recipes to the 'Livestock' section of the Crafting Recipe Books

  • Added ↪ A bunch of EA ingredients and items like frogs, fish, seed packs, food ingredients, and harvestables to the Brazen Delivery shops; you'll need the corresponding CORE Modules for these to show up since those modules contain the actual overrides for those objects

  • Added ↪ You will now be able to see the premium/discount that you are paying/getting when shopping from Brazen Delivery Shops

  • Fixed ↪ Curing & Preserving crafting menus show up on the Preserving Shelves again

  • Fixed ↪ EA Sugar milling recipe has been added back to crafting menus

  • Fixed ↪ Issue where delivery orders wouldn't complete, specifically for Florian Farms & Gavi's Garden

  • Fixed ↪ Small UI error when trying to order from a store with nothing available for sale

  • Changed ↪ Moved 'Bottled Beverages' from Peyton's Pantry shop to Athena's Artisan shop in the Brazen Delivery menus

  • Changed ↪ made pumpkin carving cost 0 and removed price column from 'Carve by Color' menus

Core Food & Drink:

  • Added ↪ Off the Grid versions of the Cooking & Make Ingredients menu to the Cookbook

Core Harvestables:

  • Fixed ↪ garden effects weren't working properly all plants

  • Fixed ↪ issue where custom notebook entries weren't working

  • Fixed ↪ issue with custom harvestables weren't showing up in seed packs

  • Added ↪ missing buffs added to some harvestables

Core Retail

  • Added/Changed ↪ this is a new file to replace the MOD_brazenlotus_EP01_Shared_RetailObjects file; it's had a complete overhaul of files

Lotsa Storage - ALL

  • Changed ↪ simplified and updated tunings

  • Added (Kitchen only) ↪ any storages will now have stinky effect over them if they have spoiled food in them

  • Changed ↪ removed portable options to avoid possible errors

  • Added ↪ cannot drag and drop spoiled items into inventory

Retail - Crates & Barrels

  • Changed ↪ there is now only one crate and one barrel object that you will slot either ice or hay into to cover the surface; these are new objects so you will need to delete the previous versions and replace them with these

  • Added ↪ can set all items for sale or not for sale

  • Fixed ↪ sims routing errors

  • Changed ↪ merged files

Retail - Aquarium

  • Changed ↪ the lid and interior decor are now one piece

  • Changed ↪ these are new objects so you will need to delete the previous versions and replace them with these

  • Fixed ↪ sims routing errors

  • Changed ↪ merged into single file

Retail - Iced Fish Displays

  • Changed ↪ merged into single file

Retail - Produce Stands

  • Changed ↪  merged into single file

Retail - Flower Arrangement Fridges

  • Added ↪ smaller version of the fridge

  • Changed ↪ merged into single file

Bog Mud Puddles

  • Changed ↪ merged into one file

  • Changed ↪ No longer requires 'MOD_brazenlotus_MULT_Shared_Puddles' package

  • Fixed ↪ Will now water Giant Crops

In Ground Sprinkler

  • Fixed ↪ Various tuning updates

  • Fixed ↪ Will now water Giant Crops

Voidcritter Comic & Card Set

  • Fixed ↪ Moved 'Air Booster Pack' to kids activities section of catalog

  • Changed ↪ Updated strings for spelling

  • Changed ↪ For computer orders, changed 'More Booster Packs' to 'Specialty Booster Packs'

  • Fixed ↪ Removed slots from all objects since the game just deletes anything in a slot on a slotted object

  • Added ↪ Added option to purchase comic books

  • Added ↪ override to make normal booster packs sellable in a retail shop

Holiday Traditions

  • Changed ↪ File names

Table Settings

  • Fixed ↪ tuning updates

  • Changed ↪ merged into one file and changed file names

Graveyard Epitaphs

  • Changed ↪  made all files base game compatible

  • Changed ↪  merged into one file

Gardening Sign

  • Changed ↪ merged into one file

Wood Pile Storage

  • Changed ↪ File name

Pick Up All Servings

  • Changed ↪ File name

Fishing Cooler

  • Changed ↪ File name

Neon Signs on Signs

  • Changed ↪  merged into single files by pack

Crafting Recipes

IN GENERAL all ingredients have had their tags updated to better work with by Brazen Delivery service. Updating any files outside of those listed below is not required if you don't care about them showing up properly in the delivery service.


  • Fixed ↪ Preserving ingredient baskets will now go into your sims inventory and work properly

  • Changed ↪ Updated all ingredient tags to work better with Brazen Delivery and future mods  (re-download optional for now)

  • Changed ↪ Moved cow milk overhaul file to Cow Milk ingredient download to reduce additional file requirements


  • Fixed ↪ Cream Cheese, Whipped Butter, and Whipped Cream - tags updated to show up in the Brazen Delivery Artisan shop instead of the Farm shop


  • Fixed ↪ All Tea Recipes - tags were updated so they show up properly in Brazen Delivery menus; will also no longer count as a flour or sugar ingredient


  • Changed ↪ tags updated to show up in Brazen Delivery Artisanal shop instead of Pantry shop


  • Changed ↪ get 3-4 large bottles instead of 6-7 from milking cows


IN GENERAL all harvestables have had their tags updated to better work with by Brazen Delivery service. Updating any files outside of those listed below is not required if you don't care about them showing up properly in the delivery service.

  • Added ↪ all common/uncommon harvestables to grocery stalls and enabled ALL harvestables to be sold at village stalls (update optional)

  • Added ↪ missing buffs added to harvestables (re-download optional for now)

  • Fixed ↪ Cacao will work with cowplant farming

Cowplant Farming (Early Access for testing)

  • Changed ↪ Overhauled files

  • Fixed ↪ Splicing should show spliced plant names properly

  • Fixed ↪ Option will now appear to 'Chat with Cowplant' when it is starving

  • Changed ↪ Feeding food scraps interaction now requires any type of food

  • Changed ↪ Cowplant milk textures and objects; these are new files so any old objects will be removed from your game

  • Added ↪ Ability to make Cowplants go dormant and return to being active by feeding treats

  • Added ↪ New recipes for Cowplant treats

Site Updates

Nov 28, 2022

Site Updates:

I've reduced the site down to just a few pages to minimize the number of screens you need to click through to download stuff. Overall I've made some tweaks to the design and tried to clean things up a bit to look neater.

Each main category page now has filters to make sorting through my stuff easier and allows you to narrow down what you might be looking for. Filters are used now in place of sub-category pages. The Food & Drinks category page will be getting additional filters soon! Please keep in mind the more content that there is in a category, the slower these pages may be to load.

Most non-object pages have been updated with more detailed information since many of them were missing it when they were transferred over from the old site. I haven't gotten to them all yet so please be patient. Any downloads that are missing information will be getting updated over the next few weeks while I attempt to upload my stuff to Curseforge.

Site Additions:

  1. Requested addition - the Seed Catalog & Crafting Handbook now include Object ID's for those of you who would like to include my ingredients in your custom recipes! Please make sure to review my Creator Policy.

  2. Requested addition - the Technical Manual has a separate section for mods that are no longer supported because they've been retired or absorbed into another mod.

  3. Updates & Notes page has been cleaned up to be easier to read. Moving forward Update Notes and any corresponding Changelogs will be posted here.

  4. I've started a 'Reference' page where I'll be adding tidbits of information I think may be useful. Right now it includes a section on clearing your game cache and a Sims 4 Pack Icon & Code reference. I will add to this as needed!

Discord Updates:

There is now a Patron's Corner with Patron-Only channels. This includes the Patron Chat channel as well as some new channels for Patron Requests. Object requests will be added in the future. Please also feel free to leave comments in these channels to regarding any tweaks or additions you'd like to see on any current mods!

Overhaul Updates

Sep 9, 2022

Website is Back Up! 


  • You will absolutely need to delete EVERY old version of my crafting/recipe/mod files. Anything from the 'Objects' section of my website are excluded, those haven't had updates yet. I've renamed files and absorbed some files into others so none of the new files will work with the old ones.

  • Also, READ THE DOWNLOAD PAGE carefully and make sure you're downloaded any and all required files.

I know this is a pain but it was necessary for me to move forward with modding because my stuff started to overlap in a way that was causing conflicts.


Some people have been having issues with loading their saves. If you install the new files and are having an issue getting your save to load then try following these instructions:

  1. Remove the 'Lotsa Storage' files from your Mods folder.

  2. Load your game

  3. Save your game; I chose to 'Save As' so I still have a copy of the original save if I need it

  4. Close the game

  5. Add the 'Lotsa Storage' file back to your Mods folder

  6. The new save should open without any errors, just know that you may lose the items in your inventory or they may be moved to your household inventory.

There's really not another way to fix this that I know of and I couldn't find anything I could do with the tuning to fix this. They've done something in one of the last patches that I think changed the craft sales table tuning which is what I was using as a base for these mods so it messed them up.

Overhaul Fixes

Sep 3, 2022

Deleted the following file: 

  • brazenlotus_ModCORE_Food&Drink_3 ▸ Injection_BG_GroupCooking+CounterFridgeStove

Updated the following file: 

  • brazenlotus_ModCORE_Food&Drink

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