Core Food and Drink -
Menu and Recipe Overrides

Core Mod/Module

Module #2
This mod overrides some in-game items in a way that compliments my other Core Mods. More information and details are listed below.




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How it Works

This mod includes some options to override some food crafting recipes in-game. These overrides add crafting ingredients to these recipes. See the 'Technical Info' section below for more details.

These files are optional, but provide a more seamless experience when using my mods. You can follow the download link to a folder where you can pick and choose which files to download based on your preference and/or which packs you have installed.


If you have another mod that includes/changes the resources below, then it will conflict with this mod.

  • EP07 - Kava Bowl Recipes

  • SP05 - Popcorn Recipes

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Technical Info

These are offered as separate downloads because they may conflict with other creator's mods. They should rarely need updating.

Recipe Overrides

  • EP07 - Kava Bowl Recipe - adds kava as a required ingredient; cost is reduced to 0

  • SP05 - Popcorn Recipes - adds Field Corn as an optional ingredient; cost is reduced significantly

Required Mods:

Core Mod/Module

This is the core file is required for any food or drink recipe sfrom the 'Food & Drink' downloads category. It includes tunings and objects that are shared across multiple objects. This also comes with a cookbook object that allows you to cook my custom recipes.



04-10-22_12-16-01 AM.png

Core Mod/Module

This file is required for ALL my craftables, mods, and modded objects to work properly. It includes tunings and objects that are shared across multiple objects in multiple categories.



04-10-22_12-16-01 AM.png



Read the info above so you understand what this file does.
Download the most updated version of any Required Mods, if you don't already have them.
Download the file from the link below.
Install by placing these files in your Sims 4 Mods folder.


Download link not working? This item may be undergoing updates. Please check the current status of this item HERE.

Optional Mods:


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